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Seattle’s rowing community has been a strong source of support for local breast cancer patients as they face the battle of their lifetime.

Our History

Our roots trace back to the inspiration of Portland rower Kathryn Frederick and our local icon, Penny Lewis, co-founder of Martha’s Moms Rowing Club. With their collaboration and the countless number of volunteers, our event evolved into the largest rowing event supporting breast cancer in the country.

Since 1999, Seattle’s Lake Union has been home to a rowing regatta held to benefit and support those battling Breast Cancer in the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on what our community could do, we originally partnered with a national organization to help make a difference everywhere possible and along the way, became the home of the “Pink Erg” and Donate A Mammogram Per Every Rower fundraising initiatives.

In 2022, keeping the resources localized to directly benefit those in the Pacific Northwest with Early Detection and Support after Diagnosis initiatives became the core of our mission. The following year, PNW PinkRibbonRow officially launched and we partnered with our non-profit sponsor, Rowing Cares.®

As a Rowing Cares® event, we proudly support local foundations focused on early detection and provide resources for diagnosed patients.

Our Values


We embody a culture of empathy and understanding, acknowledging the unique challenges every person affected by breast cancer faces within our local community.


We believe in the strength that comes from a united rowing community. Together, we create a powerful support system for individuals navigating the complexities of their battle.

Provide Support

We are committed to raising awareness about breast cancer within our local community, promoting education, early detection, and the importance of a supportive network.


We foster an inclusive environment, welcoming individuals of any background, age or ethnicity to our team, participants, or attendees. This inclusivity makes us stronger, broadens our perspectives, deepens our empathy, and enhances our ability to positively impact lives.


Our commitment is to prioritize the wellbeing and support of our local community members trying to reclaim their lives. Our initiatives are designed to make a positive and meaningful impact on their journey towards health.


Dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of breast cancer patients, we strive in our commitment to minimal overhead costs. Our transparent practices ensure that contributions are utilized effectively, with most donations going directly to those in need.

Our Leadership & Members

Pink Ribbon Row is entirely powered by the commitment of our volunteers. Our committee is a consortium of rowers from various rowing clubs in the region, each having a connection to breast cancer – either as a survivor, a family member, or by having a teammate affected by this disease. Our unwavering dedication and exceptional efforts contribute significantly to the overall positive experience for all participants and attendees.


Angie Gabel

PNW Pink Ribbon Row Chair

Angie has over 25 years of rowing experience, chaired regattas, and rowing events in Austin, TX, volunteered for ten years at the Head of the Charles, and competed nationally and internationally as a Masters rower. As a breast cancer survivor, she is enthusiastic about chairing Pink Ribbon Row since 2023 and making a difference for breast cancer patients in our local community.

Rachel Le Mieux

Regatta Director

Rachel has been involved in rowing since 1979 and is currently the Executive Director of Pocock Rowing Club. In 2023, she was the Regatta Director for the combined Pac-12 and GNAC conference rowing championships. Her extensive background in various leadership positions, outstanding credentials, and experience make her invaluable to run the regatta for our cause.

Mariah Foster

Chief Referee

Mariah has been the Chief Referee for PRR for many years and has actively contributed to the event’s growth. She started as a youth rower, continued as a collegiate rower, and then transitioned to the referee role. Her invaluable experience in her 15+ years as a referee and her passion about ensuring the safety of all rowers at the event make her a key figure of the regatta.

Committee Members

  • Patty Bulger, Registrar
  • Robin Ahman, Beneficiary Relations Coordinator
  • Birgit Bertram, Permitting
  • Oliver Laurence, Course Layout
  • Kate Riley, PR and Volunteers
  • Charles Comfort, Community Relations
  • Padraic McGovern, Regatta Coordination
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